The Conservative Party is coming after our Internets!

The Conservative party is already talking about destroying Net Neutrality in Canada.
Bell and Shaw have probably just finished wiring their political contributions.
If you are conservative, please let your party know that the internet is not for their corporate backers to shape, throttle and censor as they see fit.
The internet is its own nation with its own free market capitalism
The "government regulation" this clown is talking about is the one that protects it from harm, and makes sure we all access the same internet.
No matter if you're a 4chan troll, a content creator, an online shopper, a small business owner with a web presence, or just someone that consumes streaming video, we cannot allow the government to hand over the most democratic thing we have and sell it to a handful of CEO's.  All of the above would be in jeopardy of being accessed, and would be subject to approval from your provider.  You may even have to pay for an extra "package" to be able to access facebook.

I cover this lightly on my video about Net Neutrality, and what it means for business and creativity.